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Sunset Today: Tue, Oct 17 @ 07:00 PM

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A story of God’s deliverance

A film by ‘Coming Out’ Ministries about love, intimacy and redemption

Presentations and Q&A on:
Tuesday, October 10th
Wednesday, October 11th
Thursday, October 12th
Friday, October 13th
7:00PM to 8:45PM
(Lite Refreshments at 6:30PM)

Culminating on
Saturday, October 14th
9:30 AM

Please join us for Fellowship Lunch
on Saturday October 14th, followed by:
Journey Interrupted
Concluding with Q&A

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A compassionate film of God’s loving deliverance.

“In the great debate that rages over issues of sexual identity, there are voices that never seem to get a hearing, important stories that never get told. In Journey Interrupted, you will finally have the chance to hear a few of those voices- and you will find a prescription for hope that will dare you to believe that God has not abandoned you. This important film is refreshingly transparent, deeply honest. It may just prove to be the first step you take towards a much better tomorrow. You’ve hear people say, ‘it gets better.’ This will shoe you that it can.

To quote Journey Interrupted: you matter, you belong, and you are loved.”

Shawn Boonstra
Speaker/Director of Voice of Prophecy

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