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Adventist Christian Academy Pledge Drive

Often times our best investment turns out to be not so profitable.

We would like to tell you about an investment plant that is certain to pay big dividends, a plan that will continue to reap great rewards right into eternity. The plan is an investment in our young people. We can think of no greater investment than our young people. Don’t you agree?

The Adventist Christian Academy is requesting your financial support for this school year for our Worthy Student program, which is at least $800 per month. Please note that the actual cost may be higher for various students depending on Florida State Assistance program (Step-Up). Won’t you ask God to impress you what to invest and then watch your investment grow?

“Those who have the truth in hearts are always open hearted, helping where it is necessary. They lead out and others imitate their example. If there is some who should have the benefit of the school, but cannot pay full price for their tuition, let the churches show their liberality by helping them” (CG314.1)

Fill out the pledge below. You can then give using the online system and placing the amount in the “Worthy Student” box or by filling out a tithe envelope and marking it “Worthy Student.”




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